NFL Injuries Archive

Teddy Bridgewater Dislocates Knee

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was taken from practice to an area hospital by ambulance on Tuesday after suffering an apparent knee dislocation. Per a team press release, Bridgewater has a torn ACL but fortunately

Tony Romo has a spine fracture, will he play?

MD Injury Report regular Dallas Cowboys’ QB, Tony Romo, suffered a cringe-worthy hit in Thursday’s NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks that left Cowboys fans wondering about the fate of their season.  Romo suffered a

Emmanuel Sanders struggling with high ankle sprain

Broncos’ star wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been playing (and not playing) through a high ankle sprain that he sustained in the Broncos’ Nov. 8th game agains the Colts. Sanders was assessed, taped and

Peyton Manning out with torn plantar fascia

Peyton Manning left Sunday’s game amid a slew of injury speculation. The Broncos later confirmed that Peyton is suffering from a partially torn plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue

Jamal Charles tears ACL

Kansas City running back Jamal Charles is out for the year with a torn right ACL. The injury occurred when the star running back cut sharply with his right foot planted. This is the

Arian Foster Concussion Commentary

Texans running back Arian Foster, who recently returned from a sports hernia only to find his way back onto the MD Injury Report. In the second quarter of Thursday’s game against the Colts, Foster sustained a

Roethlisberger sprained his MCL, will he play?

Ben Roethlisberger left Sunday’s game against the Ram’s after a sack by Mark Barron forced his left knee into a very uncomfortable position. Due to the mechanism of injury, an MCL sprain was suspected

Tony Romo fractured his clavicle, will he play?

Tony Romo, of the Dallas Cowboys, fractured his left clavicle on Sunday. While this injury can be managed surgically or conservatively, reports this week suggest Romo will not be undergoing surgery for his injury.

Dez Bryant suffers a Jones Fracture, will he play?

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys is out with a Jones fracture. What is it? This radiograph shows a fracture of the proximal shaft of the fifth metatarsal located at the outer mid-portion of

Arian Foster has a sports hernia, will he play?

Arian Foster underwent a repair of a sports hernia earlier this month. Athletic pubalgia, commonly known as a sports hernia, is not an actual hernia but a musculotendinous injury to the connective tissues, nerves,